Agents of Change: Comments from the Public Policy Chair Wendy Anderton

Women business owners are agents of change.  Each of you is in business for yourself, and each of you probably has experience working for someone else.  Your choice to move into the world of entrepreneurship is proof that you are willing to face your fears and make a change for yourselves, your families, and your future.  In doing so, you are blazing a trail for others, reaching down and pulling them up to stand with you.
This is the time to step into the world of Civic Engagement – politics – policy – change.  No matter your stand on an issue, women business owners hold power and weight in the world of politics.  Your representatives will listen to you.  No matter the issue you have, rather than sitting back and saying “That’s just how it is”, it is time for us to engage and ask for help changing things the we just don’t like, things that don’t serve us well, and to reach out and make Arizona a better place for US to do business.
In the coming months, women’s issues will take a forefront in the national dialogue.  I encourage each of you to take advantage of the day today and learn HOW to be a part of that dialogue, how to be a leader in the realm of Civil Discourse.  It’s time to no longer politely decline the political discussion, but to contemplate your opinion, educate yourselves about the issues, and stand for what you believe in by getting involved.  We are poised to be change-agents.  All we have to do is flip the switch and turn on our power!
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Written by Phoenix Chapter Public Policy Chair, Wendy Anderton.

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