Corporate Partner Highlight: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

What this business offers: Plumbing Service, we offer options and solutions for all plumbing needs, including Water Heater, Drain and Leak service needs.

Owner: Linda Stanfield

What makes the business unique? We cater to busy homeowners that want to have options, that don’t have time to wait for a plumber, that want to be sure they get a safe, clean and neat plumber they can trust, that can fix the plumbing need right the first time. That offers real options to make life better, that fits into their budget, that other plumbers don’t offer. We cater to women homeowners, we are prepared and ready with a fully stocked truck, with all skills we need when we arrive. I offer award winning  service like my mother would like.

We were the first plumber in the state to win the BBB ethics award and the 2nd to win it a 2nd time.

Why should NAWBO members choose your product or service?

We are women owned! Because we understand women, busy women, we work with our customer’s needs, we work around their schedule, we hire right, we train our plumbers better to work with women and our needs.

We understand that plumbing emergencies never happen at a good time. We only send plumbers to a homeowner, that I would send to my own mothers home. We offer services that many other plumbers don’t, we have friendly 24/7 live phone service to help get the right plumber to the door. We are set up to help with small or large jobs, we have the skills, the right team members and the right equipment, we offer the latest technology to make repairs options better than we did years ago.  We are celebrating our 29th year in business.

How long have you been a NAWBO Corporate Partner? 4 yrs and I think but have been a nawbo member for 8 yrs.

 Why did you decide to become a NAWBO Corporate Partner? Because it is the right thing to do, I want to support NAWBO, I Love what NAWBO does for other women business owners, I love the education and group of people that belong and I want to get my business name in front of all that may need plumbing service they can count on.


January NAWBO Toiletry Drive

Toiletry Drive template

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Corporate Partner Highlight: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

TestWhat this business offers: Protection of your business assets.  In particular, we help you protect your intellectual property assets, which includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.  In today’s global and computerized world, often the most important assets a business owns are its intellectual property assets.  This includes the ideas, logos, websites, know-how, good will, customer  loyalty, etc. of the owner, and all of its employees.  These assets should be protected from theft by your competitors, just like you lock your doors to protect your hard assets.

Owner: Al Schmeiser and partners.  We are a small business, with about 15 people at our office in Mesa, Arizona.


What makes the business unique? When you call us, a person answers the phone!  We specialize in helping small businesses.  Every business needs to identify its intellectual property assets and then protect them.  We  keep current on changes in intellectual property laws and precedents around the world, so that you don’t have to.  Online businesses and assets stored in “the cloud” are changing the way business is handled and protected.  We are a law firm that values every one of its clients, whether you are an individual inventor, a small business owner, or a large business.  We will take the time to understand your specific needs and help you address them at a minimum cost to you.  You will never be “just a number” to us.

Biggest daily challenge: Organizing, prioritizing, and delegating.  I’m a pretty good organizer, but I find myself wanting to keep track of each detail of my client’s cases, instead of letting my assistant or others do their jobs.  As my client, you know I will be personally watching over your case.  But I have to practice spending my time on my priorities and getting others to handle the details.

Why should NAWBO members choose your product or service?  We care, and we know intellectual property so you don’t have to.  We tailor the services we provide to your needs and budget. We listen, we are here for you, in person or on the phone, when you need us,  and we are very helpful!

 How long have you been a NAWBO Corporate Partner?  Since 2012.

 Why did you decide to become a NAWBO Corporate Partner?  Being involved in NAWBO helps me, and my clients, grow and reach full potential.   I find in my business that besides helping my clients with their intellectual property needs, I also provide input on other services or product needs.  Not because I provide these services or products, but because I have a wide array of clients that each provide a service, and so I tend to be able to put people who need a product or service in touch with someone who provides that product or service.  NAWBO’s mission is similar – to help its members reach their full potential and grow their business.  Being involved in NAWBO helps me to reach new businesses that need my services, and also lets me know what other services and products NAWBO members are providing, so I can pass along the word.


Written by:

Karen E. Jachimowicz,  Patent Agent

18 E. University Drive •Suite 101 • Mesa, AZ 85201
O: (480) 655-0073 • F: (480) 655-9536 • E:
Assistant: Kelly Legnon •O: (480) 655-0073 • E:

October is Women Business Owner Month

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Thank you to Gravity  Web + Design! 

Desert Diamond Award Winner Despins Printing Acquires NAWBO Breed Three Dog Marketing

Splash MarketingDespins Printing in the Scottsdale Airpark has provided printing services for over 30 years.  Their high quality graphic design and print services has been highlighted in several publications and they have received several prestigious awards.  Despins is a strategic partner in the community providing solutions for  traditional color offset printing, on demand digital printing along with wide format signs and displays using environmentally friendly strategies. Despins defines sustainability as providing the best outcome for your community and your client.

For the last four years, Three Dog Marketing quickly rose to prominence by providing innovative, simple tools to help small business owners create effective marketing and sales strategies. Three Dog Marketing embraced the power of digital marketing and combined it with time tested sales strategies to create instant income for clients. Three Dog Marketing understands the overwhelm that marketing brings to most small business owners.  They focus on simple solutions, working with clients over time to create a cohesive marketing and sale approach that is customized to the needs and goals of each client.

In October 2014, Despins Printing acquired Three Dog Marketing to create a simple, effective all in one marketing solution to serve our clients.

“Our clients come to us because they need something printed. We create high quality tools and now we can now help them use those tools more effectively,” commented Jackie Wszalek, President of Despins Printing and Graphics.

Bringing together the power of marketing and sales strategy with the quality printing and graphic design that is needed to execute those sales effectively is the dawn of a new era. So it deserves a new name.

Splash Marketing!   Print

Splash Marketing provides simple, effective marketing tools to help businesses make more money. Visit the office to meet the highly experienced Splash Marketing team or take advantage of their newly expanded printing options including large vinyl decals, banners and large scale signs.

Schedule a complimentary One on One marketing assessment to get your marketing questions answered by an experienced small business strategist, Kristin Slice, Marketing Director of Splash Marketing.  With every marketing assessment, you walk away with the 3 no cost tips to improve your marketing and sales strategy instantly.

In a world where marketing can get so complicated, Splash Marketing is here to help you make more money.  Simple.


Don’t just print. Market.  Splash Marketing!

 Click Here to schedule your complementary Marketing Assement. 

Visit us online at or

For more information, contact

Jackie Wszalek,  President

Despins Printing and Graphics

A division of Splash Media Group, Inc

15770 N. Greenway Hayden Loop Suite 101

Scottsdale, AZ  85260


Member Spotlight – WriteSmith, Sara Korn

Sara2010_close250x250Member name: Sara Korn

Business name: WriteSmith

What business offers:

I work with smart, freedom-loving entrepreneurs who are putting a lot of effort into their marketing, and are frustrated because something isn’t working – they’re not getting the results they know are possible. They’re ready to make a significant change in their approach so that they can get a steady stream of great clients who really value what they have to offer and will happily pay them well for it.

Clear messaging – saying the right thing, to the right people, in the right way – is the foundation underlying all your marketing efforts. If it’s not aligned correctly, it shows up as ineffective marketing. I work one-on-one with clients to create crystal-clear messaging that helps them more easily attract the right kind of clients and boost sales.

Business contact info:
Tel: 602.334.6734
Twitter: @SaraKornAZ

Corporate Partner Highlight: Gravity Web & Design

Business Name: Gravity Web + Design

What this business offers: Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, and Brand development.

Owner: Denis Day & Dorothy Wolden

What makes the business unique? At Gravity Web + Design we love a challenge, with the principals of the firNEW_Gravity-Logo-Finalm having over 40 combined years experience in web and design, our boutique firm has helped hundreds of clients develop and implement solutions – from web sites to fresh brand identities, marketing collateral, and direct mail campaigns. Whatever the finished product may be, our team works with clients to find compelling, memorable and functional solutions.

The Gravity culture and mission statement can be summed up in a simple statement: “Our brand is our clients last experience with us.” We are a dedicated group of talented professionals who truly enjoy creating beautiful and functional websites and design. We take our work seriously, but have fun doing it!

Biggest daily challenge – It’s difficult to pin point just one because as a business owner the challenges can change on a daily basis. However, overall it’s probably managing people.

Why should customers choose your product or service? But there’s much more to our business than code and pretty things. Our clients rely on us to keep projects on schedule, on budget and on track. We pride ourselves on professionalism and responsiveness that equal our abilities. We bring to the table a network of contacts that we can call on to support our clients in other areas of their business. Our clients are our friends and peers and we like to consider ourselves a partner, not a vendor, and our clients see value in that.

How long have you been a NAWBO Corporate Partner? Since 2009

Why did you decide to become a NAWBO Corporate Partner? We were looking for a way to give back to NAWBO since our membership has been one of the instrumental reasons for our business growth.

What has worked better than you anticipated? The connections and business referrals that we get through NAWBO have definitely been more that anticipated. We are very grateful that members, corporate partners use our services and refer us as well.


Coffee with the President is Back!

Connect with our President Dorothy Wolden staring October 24th it will be the fourth Friday of the month from 8:00 to 9:00am at Chestnut, located on the Northwest corner of Camelback and 44th St. No registration needed! 



Corporate Partner Highlight: Western International University® (West)

What this business offers: University offering associate, bachelor, and master degrees

Owner: Western International University

What makes the business unique?

For over 35 years, Western International University® (West)—a university built for working adults—has provided degree programs focused on real-world skills, taught by faculty who also work in their field of study. Pursuing a degree must be manageable for today’s exceedingly busy lifestyles. Our model allows flexibility in scheduling your weekly coursework and delivers a quality education in today’s fastest growing fields, for nearly half the cost of many other universities. Bringing together “affordable” and “education”—two words not usually seen in the same sentence—is our commitment.

Biggest daily challenge: Marketplace awareness—West offers a unique format and value for working adult students, and we need to get the word out.

Why should NAWBO members choose your product or service? New students can try their first required online course at West with no obligation. If they choose to pursue their degree at West, tuition for the first course is just $200.* Visit for complete details. (*Pricing effective July 1, 2014; subject to change.)

How long have you been a NAWBO Corporate Partner? June 2014

Why did you decide to become a NAWBO Corporate Partner? West is proud to support NAWBO as a Corporate Partner and through use of our campus facilities for NAWBO events, and NAWBO members can take advantage of our affordable education options for themselves and their employees.

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