Member Spotlight: Inna Korenzvit

Inna Korenzvit PhotoMember: Inna Korenzvit    

Business: KORE Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?

Our ideal client is a small business owner who does not have resources to keep a professional bookkeeper on their staff full time. They see their bookkeeping as a necessary evil, which does not add value to their business, and as a result either procrastinate and put it off, or end up doing a sloppy job themselves. We can take care of any and all their bookkeeping needs, from as little as an hour per month filing sales tax returns, to a full spectrum of bookkeeping services. Outsourcing bookkeeping to a professional not only frees up the business owner’s time to run and grow their business, but also reduces their stress and worries about having to do something that they either hate doing, or don’t know how to do.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

KORE Bookkeeping Solutions provides a full range of bookkeeping services for our clients, including accounting system setup, initial data entry and data cleanup as needed, as well as on-going bookkeeping activities, receivables and payables, income and expense tracking, reconciliations, reporting, local and federal tax remittances. Our services bring many benefits to our clients:

  • Keep track of income and expenses
  • Better manage cash flow, track delinquent payments and duplicate invoices
  • Avoid overdraft situations and charges
  • Pay taxes on time and in proper amounts, to avoid penalties
  • Keep track of all the allowable expenses to maximize tax deductions
  • Significant savings on tax return preparations
  • Easier to secure bank loans

Maintaining clear picture of the financial health of the business, enables the business owner to make smart business decisions based on correct financial data.

Beyond the financial benefits, there is also a peace of mind in knowing that their books will be done correctly and on time.

Contact Inna:

2015 WEF scholarship winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 WEF scholarships, Brenda Newhouse and Wendy McClellan. The scholarship recipients are awarded a one-year membership to NAWBO Phoenix, including attendance at all monthly meetings, NAWBO Universities, and special events.

The Women’s Enterprise Foundation (WEF) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that supports and inspires emerging women business owners within the greater Phoenix area with scholarships and grants that enable them to further their education, leadership skills and opportunities to succeed.

Here’s a look at Brenda and Wendy and their businesses.

View More: Newhouse

Newhouse Studios Web Strategy

Newhouse Studios is a consultancy that helps businesses make their online presence better so they can reach their goals by directly connecting with their preferred audience through intelligent and efficient techniques suited to their unique vision.

Frequently, I work with my clients to establish a new web site or re-work their current website to be more in alignment with their business goals or current standards. For instance, right now I am helping a lot of businesses convert their websites into a mobile-friendly format so they will meet the new Google guidelines.

Another regular solution that my clients receive is personalized training to rank better in search engines, create targeted Facebook ads, and execute email campaigns that promote specific events or products through marketing funnels. Additionally, I usually provide custom videos from the training sessions so the client can revisit what they learned whenever they need a refresher. Educating clients is my favorite thing to do. I love empowering my clients and their teams so they can grow their businesses themselves.

Who are my ideal clients? I resonate most with women artists who have an established brand and are clear on how their work connects with their audience. Usually this type of client will come to me with a specific problem they would like to solve in order to reach a new business goal. That being said, over the 16 years I have been working in this space, I have developed a very diverse client base, from one-person new businesses needing a full strategy to companies with 70 employees who simply need one aspect of their online presence improved.

The most important thing to me is to work in a space of collaboration with my clients in order to stay in tune with the spirit of each individual business.

McCellen_wendyWendy McClellan

Structure for Success

I am a business professional who loves what I do. I believe in fostering and nurturing strong relationships and I believe that effective communication is the key to success in business. I have worked in the business world as a leader and executive for over two decades, I have built companies from the ground floor, and I have coached dozens of managers to become the leaders they never thought they would be.

My company, Structure for Success, works with small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with their employee relations. I specialize in Human Resource consulting, which means I assist small business owners make educated decisions and I assist them in getting back to what they are good at – being the owner of their company.

I customize my services for my client’s needs. This means I can offer the small business owner workshops for their employees on HR topics (subjects range from harassment to conflict resolution to empowerment). Or the business owner can purchase a “retainer package,” where I become their HR department. This service includes reviewing employee HR files, questions on documenting employee’s performances, general HR questions and in some cases employee communication.

Structure for Success’ most valuable gift to small business owners is the gift of time. Hiring new employees and training newly promoted leaders are time consuming to any business owner. My specialty is learning about your business culture and hiring a great employee to help take your business to the next level.   I offer hiring packages for business owners looking to hire new employees and I can coach that newly promoted employee who is not quite sure what to do in their new position. Small business owners can rely on Structure for Success.

Member Spotlight: Laurie Anderson

Member name:                Laurie W. Anderson

Business: Cactus Creative

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?

We work with owners of small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. These business owners may be experts in their industry but don’t have the knowledge or time to effectively market their business.

We help clients develop a strategy using traditional and digital marketing tools directed to their target audiences.

The goal is to create the tools to help them:

Attract, engage, and convert leads to customers

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from Laurie_webworking with you?

My husband/business partner and I are seasoned marketing professionals. After many years working in

Denver, we moved to the Valley in 2012 and launched Cactus Creative. Since I joined NAWBO, I have shared my expertise in public relations/publicity on its communications committee.

Working with Cactus Creative, clients benefit from our experience integrating the latest marketing, public relations, and technical solutions for business development.

The cost-effective marketing tools that we implement for our clients include:

  • Public relations/publicity
  •  Cloud-based websites
  • Mobile web
  •  Commercial photography

We help business owners to grow and enhance their brand.

Business contact info and social media:

Laurie W. Anderson, APR

Co-owner, Cactus Creative

Check out the most recent blog post from Laurie: Rank Higher in Search Results by Making Your Website Mobile Friendly. 

Member Highlight: Isabel Banerjee, GroYourBiz



Member name:                Isabel Banerjee


Business name:                GroYourBiz

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?

Ideal clients are women business owners & entrepreneurs that have goals and dreams for success and wealth creation and have realized it is hard to wear all the hats of enterprise, stay in their personal strengths’ zones and figure out what they don’t know while juggling a whole life.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

GroYourBiz provides the structure, the knowledge and the ongoing support of a personal board of directors. Each MyBoard group is comprised of proven business leaders, financial, accounting and legal professionals plus the collective wisdom of like-minded entrepreneurs with diverse experience, perspective and resources.

MyBoard groups meet monthly to vet their business plans and progress, to present issues and opportunities for feedback and to acquire and polish business skills. Deep trust and bonds are formed within the groups as members pledge confidentiality, active participation and to contribute their unique abilities and experience to help each of their board ‘sisters’ grow their business.

Strong peer advisory boards provide a business owner with an army of talent, experience and objectivity for a very small investment. Statistics show that the accountability of regular meetings and review by peers produces much greater success and more satisfying rewards than ‘going it alone’.

Business contact info and social media:

Isabel Banerjee
Managing Director, Arizona
O: 602.910.4275

M: 602.882.9459
F: 480.535.5820

Member Profile: Nancy Hetrick

NancyHetrickMember name:       Nancy A Hetrick

Business name:     Smarter Divorce Solutions and Clarity Financial

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?  

My ideal clients are individuals and couples that have decided to divorce, have been married 15 years plus and want to ensure that they craft a financial settlement that will work today, tomorrow and 10-20 years in the future.   Divorce is a very emotional, traumatic process where women especially tend to be at a disadvantage and consumed with fear and uncertainty especially around the finances. Failure to protect themselves during divorce could be devastating to their financial futures.

On the Clarity side, my ideal client is one who is committed to saving and investing for retirement or other lifestyle goals like world travel, business management, etc.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

I offer individuals and couples a kinder, gentler, more affordable divorce process. I provide the assurance that your financial settlement will be a win-win for everyone with no tax or property division surprises. With trained mediators and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™, we offer you two experts in one! We can help with the following:

  •     Identifying the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
  •     Integrating tax issues.
  •     Analyzing pension and retirement plans.
  •     Determining if the client can afford the matrimonial  home – and if not, what might be an affordable alternative.
  •     Evaluating the client’s insurance needs.
  •     Establishing assumptions for projecting inflation and rates of return.
  •     Suggesting creative settlement options that result in a win/win for both parties

​On the wealth side, I can help with planning, investing, and money management as a trusted friend and partner.

I am a long-time financial advisor with a focus on the needs of each individual I serve. I understand that while we all think we have a certain risk tolerance, we still don’t want to lose money. I help people figure out what steps to take to ensure financial success – whatever that looks like to them. A colleague of mine once told me, “Your best quality is also your worst quality – you actually care about your clients!” Yes I do, and I don’t intend to stop.
Business contact info and social media:

Phone 877-552-4017 ​

If you would like to be featured in the NAWBO member spotlight, please email Sara Korn. The only criteria is that you are a NAWBO member who asks to be featured and then submits the profile info. Free publicity doesn’t get any easier than that!

Member Spotlight – WriteSmith, Sara Korn

Sara2010_close250x250Member name: Sara Korn

Business name: WriteSmith

What business offers:

I work with smart, freedom-loving entrepreneurs who are putting a lot of effort into their marketing, and are frustrated because something isn’t working – they’re not getting the results they know are possible. They’re ready to make a significant change in their approach so that they can get a steady stream of great clients who really value what they have to offer and will happily pay them well for it.

Clear messaging – saying the right thing, to the right people, in the right way – is the foundation underlying all your marketing efforts. If it’s not aligned correctly, it shows up as ineffective marketing. I work one-on-one with clients to create crystal-clear messaging that helps them more easily attract the right kind of clients and boost sales.

Business contact info:
Tel: 602.334.6734
Twitter: @SaraKornAZ

[Member Highlight] Fashionable AND Functional: Budding Business Owner Sets the Bar Higher for Handbags

Necessity, the mother of invention

Jessica MarriottWhen JR Marriot became fed up with having to rummage around in her purse to find what she needed, she went shopping for a bag that had plenty of pockets to organize her things. But she was disappointed in what she found – either functional purses that lacked beauty and style, or fashionable purses that didn’t have the organizing capacity she needed.

So she created her own. And Tantrum bags were born.

“When selecting a handbag, my first criteria is, How does it look? How am I going to feel wearing this? But then the interior also needs to be great in order for it to be something I can use in my busy life,” explains Marriott.

Coming up with the perfect fusion of pretty and practical wasn’t an easy task. But Marriott knew that women need this kind of bag, so she took her passion shopping and set out to tackle the obstacles in her path.

Not just another trendsetter

Since Tantrum’s core customers are “women achievers” who are busy and have a lot to keep up with, Marriott chose to start with a classic line of bags that is perfect for everyday wear. This decision alone had its series of challenges.

“The quality of the product is so important, especially to the U.S. consumer,” says Marriott. “I knew I had to establish credibility from the start as a designer with a quality product that can withstand everything women put their bags through.”

She considered high-end fabrics like lambskin, yet needed something that was appropriate for everyday use and was resilient to wear. Less expensive fabrics also wear out and just don’t have that same quality feel. So she chose a signature embossed leather for the perfect blend of everyday-chic.

“I also wanted the interiors to be beautiful and stand up to wear. I wanted a bag that makes you feel good when you look at the outside and the inside,” says Marriott.

She dubs her interiors “pockets with a purpose” and even went so far as to include elastic inside of the lining of each pocket to keep items in place, and a magnetic key chain so that keys are always magically within easy reach.

You don’t have to be ultra organized to use these bags, either. “The key thing with organization is to put items in the same place every time,” says Marriott. “I’m not a crazy neat-freak, but I can do that much.”

Materials, pricing, and manufacturing, oh my!

tantrum-interior“I’ve absolutely loved fashion since a little girl, so designing the bags was the easy part,” admits Marriott. Then the real work began.

“Manufacturing has been the biggest challenge,” confesses Marriott. “Finding a vendor who will produce small enough quantities, and at the quality that I demand, was tough. I looked at U.S. manufacturers first, and to make a sample of just one bag cost at a minimum $620! And I have six styles! So I had to go outside the country in order to be able to make bags that I could offer at a competitive price.”

Marriott found the Internet to be a good place to find manufacturers, but learned that looks can be deceiving. “I requested a quote from one manufacturer with a really nice website and they didn’t ask me any questions, just made the bag and sent it, and the quality was horrible. Another manufacturer had a basic website but their work was really good, and they actually work with Ralph Lauren. So you really have to be selective and look around to find the right people to work with.”

Marriott continues to carefully manage her cash and inventory as she gets her business off the ground. “I have in the past purchased the bags as salesmen samples to get a lower quantity, even though they cost more per bag, so that I don’t sink too much money into inventory until I know how each style will sell.”

Build it, then get them to come

JR-MarriottNext in the process was selling bags and getting them into stores. Marriott had worked as an employee for international retailers in the past, but she didn’t feel this gave her a terribly huge advantage, and credits her success more to tenacity and hard work.

“No matter how many connections or resources you have, there’s no elevator to success – you still have to take the stairs. You may be able to skip a few steps with the right resources and connections, but it’s still a long process.”

Marriott did learn that she has a knack for connecting with people, and a natural tendency to test boundaries. She began by contacting the CEOs of top retailers, and was pleasantly surprised at how many were willing to connect with her or connect her with the right people.

“When I’m passionate about something I just naturally look for the quickest way to make it happen. And I made sure I did my homework and got to know these powerful CEOs and buyers as real people before contacting them, finding a way to connect with them on a personal level. I think that is really why I was able to make it work,” muses Marriott.

She was also very open to feedback, which she feels is critical for designers and entrepreneurs alike. “I had a messenger-style bag with a fold-over flap that I really liked. Then I met with a retail buyer from Bloomingdale’s who told me that no one really buys that type of bag and that I should make the flap decorative and have it open at the top like a hobo bag. I was so grateful for this insight, and I made the change while keeping the integrity of the look that I loved so much.

“Many designers are not open to feedback because they’re too sensitive, they’re in love with what they came up with, but I think that if people would be more collaborative then everyone would grow faster,” says Marriott.

The Bloomingdales coup

tantrum-exterior Typically in the fashion industry, new designers sell their clothing or jewelry lines to local boutiques or pay thousands of dollars to participate at trade shows to reach other boutiques throughout the country. Marriott decided to take a different path, the one that seemed faster and made more sense to her since most handbags are sold in department stores.

Marriott is the first independent handbag designer to sell her line on exclusive dates personally selling at 7 different Bloomingdale’s stores in various cities. Bloomingdale’s has agreed to carry Tantrum Handbags full time if they hit the buyer’s goal. “I have it in my mind that we will have no problems selling 25+ bags this weekend at the Beverly Center Bloomingdale’s store in Los Angeles and surpassing this goal.”

This historical event can happen with the help of NAWBO members, Marriott’s core customer; women achievers. Bloomingdale’s will be offering discounts on her bags and other merchandise this weekend.

“If you live in LA or know someone that loves handbag fashion and would love to meet me to bounce ideas and brainstorm please feel free to have them reach out or share this event!”

The bigger picture

Long-term, Marriott’s vision extends beyond handbags.

“The 20th-century woman wore clothing head to toe from the same designer, very matchy-matchy. The 21st-century woman mixes and matches designers to find her own look,” explains Marriott.

But not everyone has a fashionista’s sensibility for mixing and matching, so Marriott has a plan to help with that. She envisions clothing and accessories for five different types women, with color-coded tags to help consumers discover great mixes.

“It’s all about being able to coordinate all those elements together for the look that is right for you, so that your style looks cohesive and pulled together, even if this isn’t something you’re naturally great at.”

Lessons in entrepreneurship

While Marriott has plenty of passion to carry her forward, she admits that it hasn’t been an easy road.

“Being an entrepreneur is not for the faith of heart. You truly must have a passion for what you’re doing because there is no overnight success, it takes time, patience, and effort.”

Marriott has had to push herself to do things outside of her comfort zone. “That’s how you grow and achieve at a higher level. You can get more comfortable with it as you practice, though I’ve found that the uncomfortability never goes away entirely, and there’s always something new to push yourself at. Do it at the level that is right for you, to get past the limitations you set up in your own mind,” recommends Marriott.

Support Tantrum bags this weekend in Los Angeles!

If you’d like to get your hands on your very own Tantrum handbag or tell your friends in LA to do so, here are the details for the event this weekend or visit to share the invite too:

Saturday 9/20 and Sunday 9/21
Beverly Center, Los Angeles

NAWBO Member Christie Cothrun Earns Prestigious Honor in Floral Industry

Christie-CothrunNAWBO’s own Christie Cothrun will be inducted into the prestigious American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) this August during the Society of American Florists’ (SAF) 130th Annual Convention in Marco Island, FL.

“The Academy’s stringent requirements make AAF an achievement recognized throughout the floral industry,” said Rod Saline of the AAF, SAF Awards Committee.

Christie is currently the president of the Arizona State Florists Association and an active NAWBO member with a long history of volunteer work and industry involvement.

‘A Born Leader’: Christie Ann Cothrun, AAF, AzMF

How do you keep one of the country’s oldest state florist associations going strong – and growing? For Cothrun, the answer is hard work, dedication and a winning leadership style. As ASFA president, Cothrun, branch manager for Baisch & Skinner in Phoenix, has committed herself to elevating the skills of Arizona florists and promoting their talents, writing and editing every edition of the group’s newsletter and also overseeing the launch of a new website for consumers and state florists,

“Under her tenure ASFA has continued to thrive… and grow its membership,” said Tony Medlock, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, of PJ’s Flowers & Events in Phoenix and a past ASFA president.

A certified Arizona Maser Florist, Cothrun has presented demos, shows and educational sessions on topics such as holiday planning and time management, along with single-issue seminars on health care rules and regulations and much more. An active member of the Phoenix business community, Cothrun served on the boards of the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Women’s Enterprise Foundation. She is a member of the Metro Tech High School Floral Advisory Board, the Phoenix Art Museum’s Arts & Flowers Advisory Board and she is a Young Entrepreneur’s Academy mentor.

“What astounds me about Christie is her involvement in community activities,” said freelance floral designer and industry expert Joyce Mason-Monheim, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AzMF, of Tucson, Ariz. “She is a born leader, always the first to volunteer to get a task done. Her follow-through is second to none.”

Cothrun also has donated time and flowers to organizations that support kids in crisis centers and teenaged mothers. In 1998, Rotary International recognized Cothrun’s dedication, naming her a Paul Harris Fellow. Cothrun is a native Arizonian and a mother of two sons.

Carmella Dodge- Savory Fare – Member Spotlight

Carmella Dodge“In the last 2 months I have generated more revenue than all of 2013 because of NAWBO, the NAWBO Mentoring program and the business counseling I received through the Small Business Development Center.”- Carmella Dodge,Savory Fare NAWBO Member

In addition to serving on the NAWBO Board, Caremella also serves on the WEF Board and is a volunteer with several of the NAWBO community engagement events. Getting involved and supporting her fellow NAWBO sister has paid off!Carmella and her award winning recipes and her work with the God Mothers will be highlighted on AZ Central. Looking for a great night out? Make sure to attend one of Carmella’s wonderful dinners or bring the dinner to you by having Caremella’s team cater you next event.

Below is one of Carmella’s Recipes for you to make at home:

        Carmella’s Recipe



One- Large Eggplant-peeled and cut into one inch cubes

One- 28 ounce can of Crushed Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce

One-4 ounce jar of Capers

One- 4 ounce can of pitted ripe Olives

8 Large Olives stuffed with Pimiento

½ Cup Olive Oil

¼ Cup Red Wine Vinegar

3 Tablespoons Sugar

1 Cup chopped Onions

1 Cup chopped Celery

1 ½ Teaspoons salt & Pepper

½ Cup Dried Basil

Make at least One day in advance of serving…OK to freeze a Large batch.

Cook in a 12 inch skillet over medium heat with hot Olive Oil.

Add Celery & Onions-cooking for 6 minutes

Add cubed Eggplant-cooking for 12 minutes

Add Crushed Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinegar, Basil, Capers, Sugar, Salt, and Pepper

Simmer until ALL vegetables are fork tender, stir occasionally

Spoon mixture into Large bowl and add the Olives.

Serve warm over pasta or cold on Bruschetta or Crostinis


Jacqueline Freemen, Rite O’Passage – Member Spotlight

NAWBO has helped me tremendously with learning how to be a business woman–no small feat!  My background is in education.  I taught writing, literature, and women’s studies for 13 years, with my research focus on women’s images in the media and their impact on women’s sense of self, power, and esteem.  I won awards for my teaching, and pushed students to use writing and stories to dig deep and express who they are, where they’ve come from and where they’re going.  After working as an academic coach at a medical school, I went in to business for myself so I could teach the classes I’ve always wanted to teach, and help people on a much more personal level.


Holding a workshop for couples to in the Phoenix area.

Holding a workshop for couples to in the Phoenix area.

Being really good at what I do does not a successful business make- its just the start.  The NAWBO universities, the NAWBO mentoring program, and all the connections I’ve made over the past two years at the luncheons and neighborhood groups has helped me make the transition from educator to business woman. Quite a learning curve! But the wonderful women at NAWBO have made it an enjoyable journey full of love and support.

Rites O’Passage

Nourish Love’s Roots

Coaching, Storytelling, Ceremony design
FaceBook: /ritesopassagecoaching
Twitter:  /RitesOPassage