My Business Changes Lives, and NAWBO is Where I’m Meant to Be

Why did I join NAWBO Phoenix?  When I created my business in 2013, I was approached by a new BNI Chapter looking for 20 members to obtain a charter.  As a new business owner, my abundance in BNI was multifold: (1) Learning how to construct my 30-second commercial; (2) Reportability on the required scorecard requirements; and, (3) Leads-based referrals. Sadly, the men did not care about what I did nor understood what I did.  I made a conscious effort every week to do my 30-second commercial on men’s styling.  To no avail, I received no business from them.  After a year in BNI, I looked to join and connect with like-minded women.  I was seeking leadership and growth for my business.  Since I believe I have a business that changes women’s lives, I sought long-term relationships, support and referrals.

NAWBO Phoenix has always been known as that place, that group of entrepreneurs who understand that path I was traveling.  Upon joining I connected with so many NAWBO Sisters, who not only got me, but they got my business.  What I put into NAWBO, I certainly receive back.  My ROI has come in the form of:

  • Business threads of long-term relationships and support in the chapter’s culture.
  • Genuine women who share success and trials with their peers.
  • Increased my revenue potential and immediate cash flow/network.
  • A Graduate of the NAWBO Phoenix Business Mentoring Program, May, 2016.
  • A desire to be around successful, positive, strong women who believe in the potential in themselves and others.
  • My NAWBO Phoenix Sisters have provided referrals which consist of 40% of my business.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path at times.  You face unique highs and lows and challenges and opportunities that others do not understand unless they have gone down that path before you or are going down it alongside you.  It’s a special connection – a community – of leaders, visionaries, innovators and trailblazers that, when tapped into, can power your business, lifestyle and community in a way like no other.  Please JOIN NAWBO if you are interested in:

  • The Power of Connecting and building long-term relationships with other women entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes and from all demographics and business sectors who can motivate and inspire you, share resources and best practices and more. It’s a community of support, advice, recognition and celebration – with a 40-year history of excellence and progress – that you won’t experience anywhere else but with NAWBO.
  • The Power of Learning NAWBO is a powerful resource for learning. Through our quarterly e-learning webinars, public policy calls, leadership development trainings and National Women’s Business Conferences, as well as local chapter events and meetings, we provide quality education on today’s most important topics that impact your business and its bottom line.
  • The Power of Building Your Business NAWBO is a powerful resource for everything you need to grow your business into something bigger than you perhaps every imagined, from ideas, to connections, to resources from both NAWBO and our extensive network of affiliate, affinity and corporate partners who offer exclusive opportunities, programs and savings to support your business growth.
  • The Power of One Voice NAWBO is a powerful resource for having your voice amplified and heard. That’s because we speak as one voice on behalf of women entrepreneurs and business owners to influence the system and stakeholders in our nation’s capital and state capitals that set the rules of the game for the business community.  Together, we can make a difference in communities, states, the nation and, ultimately, the world – because your voice matters.

Right now is the best time to JOIN.  NAWBO is currently holding their Spring Membership Drive, March 1 through April 30, 2017.  New Members and Former Members SAVE $25.  There are several levels of memberships, Premier, Introductory, Virtual and Supporting as well as options to pay annually or monthly.  Please go to and click the JOIN NOW tab. 

Joining NAWBO was one of the best business decisions I made.  I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.  If you know of a woman business owner who would like to be part of our NAWBO Phoenix Chapter to grow and expand her business beyond her dreams, please share this opportunity with her to JOIN NAWBO NOW!

With Gratitude,

Clarisse Ringwald
Director of Membership
NAWBO Phoenix Chapter




Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Desert Diamonds Awards!

2015 Desert Diamond WinnersLast week, more than 100 NAWBO members and their guests celebrated the success of the past year and recognized the extraordinary contributions of its members. Congratulations to all the winners, as well as the finalists and nominees, who were recognized for their service. Here’s a look at the winners:

Corporate Partner of the Year: SRP was recognized for its work in supporting women business owners and NAWBO for the past 19 years.

Bridge Builder: Julie Heiland, J Heiland Interiors. This award recognizes a member who has been involved in community outreach activities, has identified and created new alliances, or developed new partnerships that promote NAWBO’s mission.

Unsung Hero: Jody Owen, Business Coach, Speaker and Trainer. This award is given for demonstrating extraordinary support for the chapter through participation within the organization and as a promoter of NAWBO’s mission through outreach in the community. Owen has been a tireless volunteer, leader, visionary and mentor to other members during her 10 years as a NAWBO member.

Spirit of NAWBO Sisterhood: Kristin Slice, Splash Printing and Marketing. This award is given for a member who exemplifies the spirit of NAWBO. She volunteers her time to support the organization’s initiatives, while also developing her own leadership and business skills.2015 Desert Diamond Winners selfie

Member of the Year: Paula Wittekind, CDQ Learning. Member of the Year Award is given to a woman who demonstrated extraordinary support of NAWBO or the chapter and has contributed “above and beyond” to see that the organization is successful in meeting its goals and member needs. Wittekind has strengthened the presence of NAWBO in the public and private sectors, created innovative programs and has fostered initiatives and policies for the betterment of the organization.

Business Owner of the Year: Nancy Hetrick, Smarter Divorce Solutions, LLC. This award is presented to the member who has built a successful and prosperous enterprise in spite of obstacles. This member demonstrates innovation in her industry, gives back to the community and creates jobs while contributing to the growth and mission of NAWBO through active participation.

In addition to the Desert Diamonds Awards, Dorothy Wolden gave Presidential Awards to three members who provided extra help and support to her through the year—Lori Brown of Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, PC, Valerie Marbach of eSpark Marketing, and Tracie Rollins of The Rollins Advantage.

Congratulations to all our winners! And thank you to the major sponsors of this year’s Desert Diamonds Awards, CopperPoint and Southwest Airlines.


Public Policy Toolbox

More about NAWBO’s advocacy efforts on the National level

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An Employer’s Guide to Equal Pay

The time is right for you to step up!

Jackie_WszalekGuest post by Jackie Wszalek of Splash.

In 2013-2014 I had the honor of serving as President of the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Phoenix Chapter. I believe in women business owners. I have owned Despins Printing since 2009. I have seen our economy at its strongest and at its low points. I am here to tell you. We are on the edge of something big and the strength of the women business owners in the community can make it even bigger.

Those of us who have worked and survived the last few years together have forged connections and businesses in the fires of economic turmoil. Now it is time to not just survive but to grow. And the only way we grow is by challenging each other.

I have often heard women say, “ I want to empower and help others.” It is how we are programmed. Sitting back and hoping to support others no longer serves our community. We need leaders. We need women who are willing to not just support others but lead their own families, their own communities and their own business. Many of us all ready do. It is time to step up and take ownership of our own success. We have to demand that we have a seat at the table. We have to be willing to ask for what we need, along with serving others.

What does stepping into leadership look like for you?

I will share mine with you. My goal is to break a million dollars in revenue this year. When I purchased Despins, the revenue was literally a small fraction of that goal. In the last several years I have made strides to build and expand. Last year we expanded to offer large format printing including banners, signage and decals. In August, we acquired Three Dog Marketing and now we offer marketing strategy and consulting support. We have strengthened our internal systems and expanded our team.

The time feels right.  I network with a lot of people, in particular with my NAWBO sisters. We spend so much time together, yet I can’t tell you the number of times that people have said, “Oh I didn’t know you do that!” I take the responsibility for that. In the upcoming year you will be hearing more from me. And just to be clear, I do printing, graphic design and marketing.

There is one policy that has never failed me. You have to give to get. If you have a specific need: questions about marketing, questions about building a business, or even questions about life, call me. Any way I can support you, please do not hesitate to ask.

This is it ladies. Time to step up. This is my first step too! Please follow Despins Printing (Now Splash Marketing) on our climb through social media and our blog.

Please post! What does leadership look like for you?


Jackie Wzsalek

Splash and Despins Printing
Members, if you would like to submit a guest post for the NAWBO blog, contact Sara Korn.

WIN Wednesday (Feb 2015)

It’s that time again — What I Need (WIN) Wednesday!

Below are the requests made by members at the NAWBO luncheon this month. Take a look and see if you can connect them with the resources or people they’re seeking. And be sure to fill out your own request on the purple forms at next month’s luncheon!

If you have a request but didn’t fill out the form at the luncheon, feel free to post your WIN Wednesday request on the NAWBO Phoenix Facebook page.

WIN WED 2015-02-11

Updating Your NAWBO Profile on

We recently launched a new website! One of the main features is an enhanced search feature for members. The new search tool is key word driven, just like a standard search engine. It’s more important than ever to make sure your contact info and profile is up-to-date. You can do that in just a few easy steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the login button in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your email address and click “Forgot Password”
  4. Check your email for the password reset message
  5. Reset your password and you’re done.

Once you are logged in make sure to review your profile and add any important information to your business description.

The NAWBO Phoenix Chapter is a separate from the National website and your profiles are unique. We recommend that you update both!

If you have any questions please email Dorothy Wolden,

Isha Cogborn: Five Rules to Win Being You

IshaCogbornWestern International University invites you to a networking event featuring Isha Cogborn—a sought-after speaker, trainer, author and media contributor—who will give you practical advice about identifying your personal “unfair competitive advantage” and how to put it to work for you.

After becoming a single mom at the age of 18, Isha realized that living in subsidized housing and driving a $500 car was not the life she wanted for her new son. So she set about creating a different life. Isha will share stories of her journey and help you forge your own path toward a more fulfilling, purposeful and successful life that celebrates the unique and talented YOU!

The evening will kick off with an hour of networking and refreshments, followed by Isha’s workshop. We look forward to seeing you there – bring a guest!

When:         Thursday, January 15, 2015

      Networking: 5–6 p.m. MST
       Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served.

      Presentation: 6:15–7:15 p.m. MST
       Campus or online.

Presenter:   Isha Cogborn
Founder & President of Epiphany Institute
Author of 5 Rules To Win Being You

Location:     West Tempe Campus, 1601 W. Fountainhead Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85282

RSVP by January 12:

Online RSVP 
         Confirmation with webinar link will be emailed upon registration.

Questions:    Hue Haslim, 602-429-1078 or Laura Lee, 602-429-1110

Tons to be thankful for!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user  richcianci

Photo courtesy of Flickr user richcianci

YOU, our members, have made this a year to truly be thankful for! Here are a few of the things we’re grateful for in NAWBO:

  • We have 24 new members!
  • Attendance at events is up, and you’ve been connecting more than ever, online and offline, supporting each others’ businesses
  • Incredible speakers who inspire us and educate us
  • Generous corporate sponsors who support women entrepreneurs by providing essential financial and in-kind donations
  • Amazing volunteers who bring in great speakers, get the word out on social media and in the press, welcome new members, volunteer on the board, build connections in the community, and so much more!
  • The Women’s Enterprise Foundation and the members they sponsor
  • Mentors, in the mentoring program and throughout the organization who lead by example
  • Community partnerships like SBDC
  • Our new website – check it out!
There’s probably more to add to this list, but hey, we’ve got to get back to that turkey.
We hope you enjoy a day of rest and excellent food with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from our NAWBO family to yours!

WIN Wednesday (Nov 2014)

It’s that time again — What I Need (WIN) Wednesday!

Below are the requests made by members at the NAWBO luncheon this month. Take a look and see if you can connect them with the resources or people they’re seeking. And be sure to fill out your own request on the purple forms at next month’s luncheon!

If you have a request but didn’t fill out the form at the luncheon, feel free to post your WIN Wednesday request on the NAWBO Phoenix Facebook page.

(If you have difficulty reading the cards, click on the image for a full-size version.)


Member Profile: Nancy Hetrick

NancyHetrickMember name:       Nancy A Hetrick

Business name:     Smarter Divorce Solutions and Clarity Financial

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?  

My ideal clients are individuals and couples that have decided to divorce, have been married 15 years plus and want to ensure that they craft a financial settlement that will work today, tomorrow and 10-20 years in the future.   Divorce is a very emotional, traumatic process where women especially tend to be at a disadvantage and consumed with fear and uncertainty especially around the finances. Failure to protect themselves during divorce could be devastating to their financial futures.

On the Clarity side, my ideal client is one who is committed to saving and investing for retirement or other lifestyle goals like world travel, business management, etc.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

I offer individuals and couples a kinder, gentler, more affordable divorce process. I provide the assurance that your financial settlement will be a win-win for everyone with no tax or property division surprises. With trained mediators and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™, we offer you two experts in one! We can help with the following:

  •     Identifying the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
  •     Integrating tax issues.
  •     Analyzing pension and retirement plans.
  •     Determining if the client can afford the matrimonial  home – and if not, what might be an affordable alternative.
  •     Evaluating the client’s insurance needs.
  •     Establishing assumptions for projecting inflation and rates of return.
  •     Suggesting creative settlement options that result in a win/win for both parties

​On the wealth side, I can help with planning, investing, and money management as a trusted friend and partner.

I am a long-time financial advisor with a focus on the needs of each individual I serve. I understand that while we all think we have a certain risk tolerance, we still don’t want to lose money. I help people figure out what steps to take to ensure financial success – whatever that looks like to them. A colleague of mine once told me, “Your best quality is also your worst quality – you actually care about your clients!” Yes I do, and I don’t intend to stop.
Business contact info and social media:

Phone 877-552-4017 ​

If you would like to be featured in the NAWBO member spotlight, please email Sara Korn. The only criteria is that you are a NAWBO member who asks to be featured and then submits the profile info. Free publicity doesn’t get any easier than that!