Corporate Partner Highlight: Kolbe Corp

What this business offers:

Kolbe Corp strives to identify the nature of creative instincts and enable individuals to unleash the boundless power of their own natural strengths to improve personal productivity, enrich relationships, and launch rewarding careers.  Employers can use Kolbe Corp resources for recruiting and selection, for developing highly productive and stable teams, and for improving individual performance and communication.  Parents and educators can use these resources to help students and family members find their best modes for learning and for accomplishing tasks.

More than one million individuals have completed Kolbe assessments.

Kolbe Corp’s online assessment, the Kolbe A™ Index, is used by individuals and organizations throughout the United States and in 34 other countries on five continents to find and develop top talent, increase productivity and build effective teams. Kolbe solutions are currently available in English, Spanish, French, and German.


Kathy Kolbe, chairman

David Kolbe, CEO

Amy Bruske, president

What makes the business unique

Kolbe Corp is the only company that measures conation.  For most of the past century, researchers have focused on understanding and quantifying the cognitive and affective aspects of the mind while paying relatively little attention to the conative (or volitional) aspect.  The conative part of the mind pertains to how an individual solves problems when given the freedom to act instinctively.  Kolbe Corp has been the leader in research on conation for four decades.

Why should NAWBO members choose your product or service?
Kolbe Corp provides insight, not available anywhere else, into what drives human behavior.  Using such solutions as the Kolbe A Index and our suite of products and consultative services, business owners can build more productive teams and improve their bottom line.

Further, for the individual business owner, the Kolbe A Index is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative strengths. Not just another personality test, Kolbe helps you to understand the talent you were born with and how to Be Your Best Self.

How long have you been a NAWBO Corporate Partner?

Since 2011.

Why did you decide to become a Corporate Partner?

Kolbe Corp is a women-owned business, and we believe in supporting the mission of NAWBO.

Read more about the upcoming  Kolbe Corp’s Conation Nation Symposium on May 7th in Scottsdale, AZ

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