Member Spotlight: Inna Korenzvit

Inna Korenzvit PhotoMember: Inna Korenzvit    

Business: KORE Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?

Our ideal client is a small business owner who does not have resources to keep a professional bookkeeper on their staff full time. They see their bookkeeping as a necessary evil, which does not add value to their business, and as a result either procrastinate and put it off, or end up doing a sloppy job themselves. We can take care of any and all their bookkeeping needs, from as little as an hour per month filing sales tax returns, to a full spectrum of bookkeeping services. Outsourcing bookkeeping to a professional not only frees up the business owner’s time to run and grow their business, but also reduces their stress and worries about having to do something that they either hate doing, or don’t know how to do.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

KORE Bookkeeping Solutions provides a full range of bookkeeping services for our clients, including accounting system setup, initial data entry and data cleanup as needed, as well as on-going bookkeeping activities, receivables and payables, income and expense tracking, reconciliations, reporting, local and federal tax remittances. Our services bring many benefits to our clients:

  • Keep track of income and expenses
  • Better manage cash flow, track delinquent payments and duplicate invoices
  • Avoid overdraft situations and charges
  • Pay taxes on time and in proper amounts, to avoid penalties
  • Keep track of all the allowable expenses to maximize tax deductions
  • Significant savings on tax return preparations
  • Easier to secure bank loans

Maintaining clear picture of the financial health of the business, enables the business owner to make smart business decisions based on correct financial data.

Beyond the financial benefits, there is also a peace of mind in knowing that their books will be done correctly and on time.

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