Member Highlight: Isabel Banerjee, GroYourBiz



Member name:                Isabel Banerjee


Business name:                GroYourBiz

Who are your ideal clients, what is the problem they have that you help them with, and how does it affect their lives?

Ideal clients are women business owners & entrepreneurs that have goals and dreams for success and wealth creation and have realized it is hard to wear all the hats of enterprise, stay in their personal strengths’ zones and figure out what they don’t know while juggling a whole life.

What solution do you provide, and what are the benefits/results your clients get from working with you?

GroYourBiz provides the structure, the knowledge and the ongoing support of a personal board of directors. Each MyBoard group is comprised of proven business leaders, financial, accounting and legal professionals plus the collective wisdom of like-minded entrepreneurs with diverse experience, perspective and resources.

MyBoard groups meet monthly to vet their business plans and progress, to present issues and opportunities for feedback and to acquire and polish business skills. Deep trust and bonds are formed within the groups as members pledge confidentiality, active participation and to contribute their unique abilities and experience to help each of their board ‘sisters’ grow their business.

Strong peer advisory boards provide a business owner with an army of talent, experience and objectivity for a very small investment. Statistics show that the accountability of regular meetings and review by peers produces much greater success and more satisfying rewards than ‘going it alone’.

Business contact info and social media:

Isabel Banerjee
Managing Director, Arizona
O: 602.910.4275

M: 602.882.9459
F: 480.535.5820


  1. As a current member of GroYourBiz, the information, support and brilliant ideas from MyBoard have definitely saved me both money and time! GroYourBiz is an e cel lent board of directors for small to medium size businesses.

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