Desert Ridge Nieghborhood NAWBO is BACK!

Don’t miss the kick off of a new Neighborhood NAWBO at Desert Ridge. Actually it is “re-opening under New Management”. Victoria Trafton and Cathy Lafee are hosting this lunch on the first Thursday of every month starting March 5. This is one more way to deepen relationships with NAWBO members AND build a referral business foundation!

Bring a friend that you would like to introduce to NAWBO and join us for this first meeting. You can count on a fun exercise that will build relationships faster than you would have thought! You might just meet someone who will change your life!

Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge

Date: March 5, 2015
Time: 11:30 – 1 PM
Location: Mimi’s at Desert Ridge
Questions? Contact
Victoria Trafton 
Catherine Lafee

President’s Post – The Importance of Connections for your Business

NAWBO has hit the ground running this new program year. We had a record number of attendees at the August NAWBO Phoenix Luncheon, which means to me that people are ready to Get Down to Business. Part of getting down to business is making good connections.

When I joined NAWBO over 5 years ago, one of the first things I noticed was that everyone was so supportive and willing to help me get connected to other members that could help benefit me and my business.

I was pretty new to the business ownership thing, so I didn’t realize the impact that having a well-connected network would have on my business. Now that I have gained some insight on the importance of connections, I want to share some of them with you.

Connections is a broad term for business relationships that benefit both you and the person you have developed the connection with. These connections can take place in many different ways. You can create useful connections with fellow entrepreneurs, executives in the business community and even your neighbors. Also, online social media is a great way to start a connection with others. In the professional world, these connections tend to pay off in a big way. If you leverage your NAWBO membership and develop connections with the people you meet you can see a significant impact on your business.

Photo courtesy of Easel photography

Photo courtesy of Easel photography

Connections Lead to Business

As you continue to make connections, you will find they open up business opportunities in unexpected ways. You may not make the connection to the exact person you need, BUT the connections you do have can introduce you to the person you DO need to meet. Remember, most companies prefer to work with people they know, like and trust. Your connections can help get you in the door and warm up that contact before you even reach out to them. Getting referrals from your connections to the businesses that buy the products or services you offer is the best way to leverage the contacts you have.

Connections Develop Your Marketing Skills

Connections require important communication and nurturing skills, the same type of skills that prove useful when you are marketing your business. As you make business connections, you will learn how to address different personality types and how to effectively communicate your ideas. These “understanding” skills can help you craft better messaging to your target market based on how they like to be communicated to.

Connections Are a Great Source of Ideas and Information

In casual business networking, there is rarely time to discuss topics in-depth or offer innovative ideas. However, I have learned that a good connection is a constant flow of information between you and another person. The key to this exchange of information, stories, and ideas, is that it’s mutually beneficial. If you need new marketing methods or to meet a challenge that has you at a loss, you can seek out answers using the connections you have formed.

Connections Can be Made Anywhere and With Anyone

I always say, never underestimate who a person knows or where you can make a great connection. Your stay-at-home neighbor could be the sister of a decision maker in a company you are trying to get into. The other parent on your kid’s sports team may be the owner of a business that could really use your services. I hear people all the time make judgment on whether they think someone can help them without ever getting to know them. That is a bad idea in my book. Yes it takes time to get to know people and build connections but the rewards outweigh the efforts.

The next NAWBO event you attend, keep in mind that everyone in the room may not be your next client but the people THEY know can be. It’s important to connect with them to start building and expanding your powerful and profitable network.